Monday, April 5, 2010

Order "You Paid What?"

You Paid What? A Simple Guide to Slashing Grocery Bills and Saving Money with Coupons is a book that can help you master the art of bargain grocery shopping.

Have you ever been stuck in line behind someone with a big pile of coupons and did you watch as they paid a couple of bucks for a cart full of groceries? You thought, "I wish I could do that!"

Vanessa Houk has been seriously using coupons for almost twenty years and she has outlined some tips and tricks to help guide you into the world of serious couponing. This book can help you change your shopping habits and is full of inspiration in an easy to understand writing style.
Learn how to pay pennies on the dollar for products you are already using on a regular basis.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Affluent Couponer
Chapter 2: Coupons, my Life is Lousy with Coupons, so many Coupons, so Little Time.
Chapter 3: The Days of Five Cents off Tide are over, Coupon Values Rise!
Chapter 4: Coupons, check! Now what?
Chapter 5: The Art of Organization
Chapter 6: The War of the Stores: Competition Rocks!
Chapter 7: Price Books, What is a Sale Price?
Chapter 8: Stockpiling, Your Weapon of Choice in the War of High Prices
Chapter 9: Food Stamps and Coupons
Chapter 10: Amazing Deals and Incredible Shopping Trips
Chapter 11: Living and Giving
Chapter 12: Trading/Bartering/Selling
Chapter 13: Refunds: Filling your Mailbox With FUN!
Chapter 14:It Took Me Years to Figure This Out: Secrets of a Super Shopper
Chapter 15: Coupon Expiration Dates/Expired Coupons
Chapter 16: How to "Read" the Barcodes on Coupons
Chapter 17: Consumer Feedback
Chapter 18: Online Trading and Refunding

Copyright 2010
97 pp.
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